Procurement contracts

Legal overview

 SETE is a local public company, with the delegated responsibility of managing the Eiffel Tower. It is subject to:

  • The general principles of public procurement
  • Competition regulations such as those contained in EU Directive 2014/24/EU, the French ruling of 23 July 2015 and the decree of 25 March 2016.

Please note that decree 2015-1163 of 17 September 2015, raising the threshold from €15k to €25k, has been in force since 1 October 2015
Decree 2015-1904 of 30 December 2015 modified the public authority thresholds, which now stand at €209k for services and provisions, and €5,225k for construction works.

An overview of the general principles of public procurement

The following principles apply:

  • Freedom of access to public procurement: the call for applications must not contain requirements beyond those defined in the regulations.


  • Equal treatment of applicants: each applicant must receive the same information, in the same conditions and to the same schedule as their competitors. None should receive special treatment of any kind*


  • Transparent procedures: each applicant must understand how their application and/or bid will be selected or rejected as soon as the call for applications is issued. Reasons for refusal will be provided upon request


Achats publics

On the digitised platform (notices and consultation dossier)

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On the site of the official bulletin advertising procurement contracts (advertising notices only)

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On the digitised platform (notices and consultation dossier)

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