Every day, our 340 staff are hard at work running the Eiffel Tower and performing necessary maintenance, welcoming visitors from all over the world.

At SETE, some 340 staff bring their expertise and passion for the monument to work, serving the millions of visitors that the Eiffel Tower welcomes every year.

A wide range of professional roles are on offer within SETE, from welcoming visitors to operations and maintenance roles, not to mention a whole selection of roles in sales, finance, IT, legal, marketing, and communications.

As part of its new Delegated Public Service contract awarded by the Conseil de Paris, SETE’s primary concern is making the Eiffel Tower an even better place to visit by modernising the way visitors are welcomed and the services available to them, and boosting the Eiffel Tower’s international image.

“The City of Paris wants to make the Eiffel Tower an unassailable showcase for the quality of Paris’ visitor experience” (Paris City Hall press release, June 2017)

The Eiffel Tower is open year-round, from morning until late at night, and even on public holidays. There’s always something happening! The magic of this outstanding monument creates a unique atmosphere.

Our employees are all immensely proud to work for the Eiffel Tower, serving its visitors, and possess an excellent team spirit.

  • Our Welcome Agents account for almost half of our total staff. Working for the Operations department, they welcome and direct visitors with professionalism and courtesy. As such, they are the Eiffel Tower’s ambassadors and help to make it an unforgettable experience.
  • Our staff in the Technical department carry out maintenance, construction work, and planning at the monument. Key to the smooth operation of the Tower, our technical roles cover a wide range of skills (engineering, architecture, electricity, plumbing, painting, joinery, locksmithing, etc.)
  • Our Sales, Finance, Marketing/Communications, IT, Legal, and Human Resources departments, etc. are also well-represented within SETE, and keep the company running as it should

SETE has also teamed up with leading partners to manage restaurants and shops and cleaning and security at the monument, etc. In total, around 600 people work for the Eiffel Tower and its visitors.

An ambitious HR policy

SETE encourages internal mobility and career development for its staff. It has implemented a dynamic skill management programme and supports its employees so that it can offer them attractive opportunities for career advancement within the company.

As part of the roles defined by the new delegated public service contract, SETE has also put into place an ambitious human resources management programme to help the company meet its challenges and recruit new talent.

A socially responsible employer

SETE strives to support its employees in an effort to adapt to changes and meet visitor expectations, promote safe working conditions, providing a quality workplace, and embodying the values of a socially responsible employee.

As such, we pay special attention to gender equality and diversity, notably through a constant effort to bring staff from different cultures together. Almost 32 nationalities work at SETE, and 40% of our employees are women.