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The 2017 Eiffel Tower Vertical: Lots of entertainment and activities on the esplanade

Friday 10 march 2017

On March 16th, the 2017 Eiffel Tower Vertical® - an ascent race of the Eiffel Tower whith competitors running against the clock – is back for the third time. Jointly organised by the Eiffel Tower and EcoTrail Organisation, this year 128 runners will be taking part in the competition (professionals and amateurs) to confront the 1,665 steps of the monument. This year’s novelty: some activities & entertainment on the esplanade of the Tower enabling visitors to experience this sporting event live while also having a great time!

The goal – for 2017- is to offer the general public the opportunity to watch this sporting and human performance by being as close to the runners as possible. On the evening of the race, the esplanade (free access) will play host to:

  • a TV set located on a podium bus;
  • a warming-up area for the runners;
  • a “climbing” activity;
  • the race’s starting point positioned right in the middle of it.

See the runners warming up and test your own limits

This year the runners’ warming-up area will be in the middle of the esplanade. Featuring steppers and treadmills, it will enable the general public present under the Tower to watch the runners getting ready before setting off to climb up the monument steps!
A special “climbing” activity organised by New Balance – one of the race partners – will also enable the visitors to “take on the Tower” virtually via steppers connected to a screen! 

Live broadcast of the race and TV set under the Tower 

The race will be shown live on Eurosport 2 from 8.45pm to 10.15pm from the TV set installed under the Tower. The show will allow everyone to follow the runners’ ascent through video & commentaries, as well as discover the runners through portraits and interviews… Four screens will make it easy for the public to follow the race and the show.

Witness the departure and the performance of the runners

In order to let the public cheer on the runners and see their run first few meters up close, the starting point of the race has been modified this year and the runners will start running from a ramp (just like in skiing races) situated in the middle of the esplanade.
Visitors of the Tower will also be able to watch the runners passing on the first and second floors of the monument. However, the top floor which is the finish line, will be closed to the public during the race.

The Eiffel Tower Operating Company (SETE) represented in the race by one of its employees 

The Eiffel Tower Operating Company (SETE) has been granted a wildcard and the members of the Tower Running Club chose Philippe Dubois to take part in the 2017 race and represent SETE with panache, just like his colleague Candido Diaz y Sanchez did in last year race.
Philippe, 49, team leader inside the Tower welcoming staff, is a seasoned runner with several marathons and trail runs on his resume. He will undoubtedly give everything he’s got for this race on his own turf on March 16th!
The Eiffel Tower Operating Company wishes him courage in his training. And his colleagues will be on the esplanade on the evening of the race to support him & cheer him on!



Opening of the Tower to visitors on March 

Entrance by stairs: closed (as per usual) at 6pm
Closing of the top floor to the public from 7.30pm (place of arrival of the race)
The other floors of the monument will remain open to the general public until 11.45pm​

Advance sales of online tickets for this date is full, but visitors wishing to come to the Tower 
can still buy their tickets directly at the monument’s ticket counters

Access to the esplanade is unrestricted and free (after security checks)

Evening Schedule 

7.30pm : start of the activities on the esplanade
8.05pm : race openers set off
8.15pm : first runner start (then a runner sets off approximately every minute)
9.55pm : last runner start

About the Eiffel Tower Operating Company (SETE)
On 1st January 2006, the City of Paris entrusted the operation and management of the Eiffel Tower to the SETE (Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel) within the framework of a delegated public service for a period of 10 years. The SETE is a Local Public Society, 60% of whose capital is held by the City of Paris. Its President is Bernard Gaudillère, Councillor of Paris and its Director is Anne Yannic. The SETE employs over 300 people. Its turnover for the year of 2015 was 81.8 million euros.

About EcoTrail
EcoTrail is a concept focusing on course nature races organised close to large cities and their suburbs aimed at providing as many people as possible with the opportunity to (re)discover the natural and cultural heritage of their local area through open-air sports events. 

Organiser & partners of the Eiffel Tower Vertical ®

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