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The Eiffel Tower is "The Place To Kiss" for Valentine's Day

Sunday 8 february 2015

Selfies, photos and hearts for unforgettable memories… 

"Place to kiss" signs scattered across the various floors of the monument that are strategically placed to offer the best views of Paris and the Tower will enable lovers to take romantic selfies!
After a glass of champagne at the bar at the top of the tower, their steps will take them to 1st floor where a specially installed and customised Eiffel Tower photo booth cabin will deliver personalised Valentines photo strips.Couples can also capture their visit to the Tower forever by leaving a heart with their names on it: in the same way as a wish tree, a large panoramic window decorated with an Eiffel Tower "Place to kiss" sign will host all all of the personalised hearts which will then symbolically fill the sky over Paris. The photo of the final result will be released on the Tower's social network pages.

… and a last dance move on the skating rink which closes on 15 February in the evening.

This romantic walk on the Tower can become even more festive if you take advantage of the skating rink's last few opening hours of the year. Two special events will be organised there by professional ice skaters on Saturday 14 February: a fitness session on ice, which is open to all, at 11:30 a.m. and participatory ice dancing at 2 p.m. The skating rink's bar will of course, be open, and the shop on the 1st floor will be selling souvenirs.