Historic rivets from the Eiffel Tower: An exceptional, limited edition object that makes a great holiday gift

Tuesday 10 december 2019

Continuing the Diamond Lights collection presented in 2016 and 2017, the Eiffel Tower has teamed up with Arteum to create a new collector’s item to celebrate the monument’s 130th anniversary. These historic rivets, molded from iron from the Tower, are being sold in a limited edition, in an elegant wooden display box with a certificate of authenticity. A gift idea that encapsulates the symbolic importance of this architectural icon.

Historic rivet

The rivet, a testament to an exceptional architectural heritage
The Iron Lady’s latticework is held together by 2.5 million rivets. A symbol of alliance and a key element of the Tower, the rivets bear witness to its exceptional architectural heritage. In fact, at the time of construction, these rivets were heat-mounted by a team of four riveters: one to heat the rivet, a second to hold it in place, a third to form the head, and the last to lock it in place with a sledge hammer. This was the oldest technique used to assemble metal pieces.


An exceptional object, only 600 numbered pieces will be sold 
Displayed like a jewel in its box, the rivet itself (created specifically by SETE from iron used in the Tower), weighs around 285 grams*. Only 600 pieces were made. They are all numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity, which is also numbered. Each rivet will be sold for €525 (all taxes and shipping charges included in France and internationally) on the Eiffel Tower’s official boutique webpage: https://shop.toureiffel.paris/en/.
*weight of the rivet without the box.

Historic rivet: calling card

Numbered rivet made of iron from the Eiffel Tower
Numbered certificate of authenticity
Wooden presentation box
Dimensions: height 8.5 cm - diameter: base 2 cm, head 4 cm
Dimensions of the box: 21x12x6 cm
Weight of the rivet and box: approximately 775 g


About the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE)
On November 1st, 2017, The City of Paris entrusted the operation and management of the Eiffel Tower to SETE within the framework of a delegation of public services for 13 years. SETE is a local public company whose capital is 99% owned by the City of Paris and 1% by the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area. Bernard Gaudillère, a Parisian Council Member, chairs its Board of Directors. SETE has a staff of nearly 340 employees, led by Patrick Branco Ruivo, and generated 99.8 million euros in revenue in 2018.