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The iconic Lolë White Tour back in Paris on 21 June 2015!

Monday 17 august 2015

Lolë, the sports clothing brand from Montreal, is rolling out its famous yellow yoga mats for the Lolë White TourMC 2015, an unforgettable series of yoga events taking place in various cities around the world. This fourth year of the tour, will visit six cities, including New York, where a huge event in Central Park next September will attract up to 10,000 participants. From June to November 2015, the tour will visit iconic locations of which the first will be the Eiffel Tower in Paris on 21 June 2015 from 6 to 8 am!

After the success of its event on 1 September 2013 at the Grand Palais, where 4,000 people in white gathered in the middle of the Nave for a never-to-be-forgotten experience, leading well-being brand Lolë is back in Paris for another amazing date.

For this first world day of yoga, and to celebrate the summer solstice, Lolë is offering a new session for 1,500 yoga enthusiasts all dressed in white on the square at the foot of the Eiffel Tower!

Reception will be from sunrise at 6 am and the session will begin at 7 am for an hour of sharing to the music of the harp. Elena Brower and Marie-Françoise Mariette, emeritus professors of yoga, will lead this unique event.

 “After the Grand Palais in Paris in 2013, then Museums of the World in 2014, this year we are focussing on world-famous parks and open-air spaces such as Central Park in New York in September and the Eiffel Tower in Paris on 21 June! I have always believed in this well-being movement that is now part of our daily life and I am delighted that this year will once more see thousands of people from all over the world brought together by these unique events.” Bernard Mariette, President and CEO of Lolë (Coalision Group)

“The growing success of these world tours by Lolë White Tour shows that the power of this shared experience knows no boundaries” Isabelle Mille, Vice President, Entertainment and Marketing Partnership.

Mats will be provided and given to the participants at the end of the session Registration for this unique event is only via


This session of the LOLË WHITE TOUR 2015 will bring to a close a week of yoga at the EIFFEL TOWER, that iconic and world-famous structure.

From Monday 15 June to Friday 19 June, Lolë, My Little Paris and the Eiffel Tower Development Company are offering morning sessions from 7.45 am to 8.45 am on the first level of the Eiffel Tower.

Registration opens on 4 June via the following link:

The lucky winners of a random draw will be able to share in greeting the sun in this most unusual location for unforgettable yoga sessions!

At Lolë, well-being is a way of life inspired by a search for harmony between city life and nature and by the pleasure of enjoying a range of physical activities. “Live out loud every day”! The brand is very aware of the value of people and of products and offers collections of innovative clothing, that is feminine and functional, destined for the city woman. Created in Canada and still today entirely designed in Montreal, the Lolë brand is available at more than 1,700 sales outlets in the world, at Ateliers Lolë and online at

My Little Paris is a website full of secret addresses of special hidden and unexpected treasures in Paris. Thanks to word-of-mouth, it has become the go-to directory of 300,000 Parisian women.

On 1 January 2006, the City of Paris granted the development and management of the Eiffel Tower to SETE as a 10-year public service agreement. SETE is a company with a mixed economy, 60% of whose capital is held by the City of Paris. Its President is Bernard Gaudillère, Paris Councillor and its Director is Eric Spitz. SETE employs 300 people. In 2014 it had a turnover of 78.5 million euros.