The Eiffel Tower continues its brand development

Thursday 1 september 2022

Le Lissier x Eiffel Tower sneakers released on 22 September

After its partnership with Maison Pierre Hermé, the Eiffel Tower is accelerating the development of its brand, launched in 2021. As well as creating its own products, the monument is continuing to build collaborations with brands that are icons of the French art of living and know-how. 
After paying tribute to traditional craftsmanship this summer through the creation of an exclusive plate with La Faïencerie Georges, the Eiffel Tower is now working with the Le Lissier brand to showcase young French creativity.  
Introducing up-and-coming brands to as wide an audience as possible is one of the objectives of the collaborations by the Eiffel Tower brand. By combining a partner brand’s expertise with the monument’s history, these collaborations give rise to unique creations, helping to capture the monument in the modern day and shine a spotlight on French craftsmanship.



22 September: release of Le Lissier x Eiffel Tower sneakers

Le Lissier is a French brand specialized in making sneakers out of “reused” fabrics. They recycle materials to create new products without generating additional waste.
As part of this carefully considered approach, the Eiffel Tower brand has joined forces with Le Lissier, offering them the opportunity to design sneakers using the curtains that have decorated Gustave Eiffel’s office since the 1980s. 

This space is located at the top of the Tower, and is a historic reconstruction of Gustave Eiffel’s real apartment. It features realistic wax figures that can be seen by visitors through a window, representing the brilliant engineer and his daughter Claire, receiving a visit from the famous American inventor, Thomas Edison.
The curtains needed to be replaced and have found a second life as ocher sneakers with touches of gold, complemented by a white fabric thrifted by Le Lissier from a Parisian warehouse and decorated with details like the eyelets evoking the Tower’s structure.

Available from 22 September in a limited run, the sneakers are displayed in the boutique of the monument’s first floor and can be purchased on the Le Lissier website: 


Faïencerie Georges: traditional know-how encounters the Tower’s history

Last July, La Faïencerie Georges immortalized the moment that the Iron Lady reached 1,083 feet with the co-creation of an exclusive plate. This delicate piece, made with artisanal methods in the brand’s workshops in Nevers (Nièvre), represents a freehand drawing of the historic scene from March 15, 2022: the heli-lift of a new 20-foot radio antenna, placed at the top of the Tower to broadcast terrestrial digital radio (DAB+ or Digital Audio Broadcasting).

Available in a limited run, the Eiffel Tower plate is displayed in the boutique of the monument’s first floor and can be purchased on the brand’s website 

The Eiffel Tower brand in numbers

•    2021: brand launched 
•    7 boutiques at the monument
•    19 products developed by the brand itself
•    6 brand collaborations: Pierre Hermé, Valet de Pique, Piece & Love, Kerzon, Faïencerie Georges, Le Lissier


About Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE)
On November 1 2017, the City of Paris chose SETE to run the Eiffel Tower’s operations and management as part of a 13-year public service delegation contract. SETE is a local public company, with 99% of its capital owned by the City of Paris and 1% by the Métropole du Grand Paris. Its board of directors is chaired by Jean-François Martins, Councillor of the City of Paris, and it employs approximately 360 people. SETE is managed by Patrick Branco Ruivo and had turnover of €25.29 million in 2021.