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Special effects: Filming at the Tower!

Thursday 5 april 2018

Come and discover the world of special effetcs and be an actor on a green screen! From April 17 to July 1, 2018, the event “Special effects: filming at the Tower! ” takes up residence on the first platform of the Eiffel Tower. The first highlight of a year devoted to the cinema, this event, fun and interactive, is an adaptation of the exhibition “Special effects, crack the screen! ” currently on display at the City of Science and Industry. Through three participatory workshops, visitors discover the world of a film set and are invited to take on the role of actor.

In the shoes of an actor performing a feat at the Eiffel Tower

Arriving in the area dedicated to the exhibition, visitors discover the long and beautiful history that links the Tower to the 7th art. Three interactive experiences are then offered to them.

The first workshop demonstrates the use of layering and chroma key technology or how to combine the real and the virtual. Here, visitors walk on a green background and are embedded live in a synthetic setting. In the image, they see themselves advancing cautiously on a beam of the monument. Vertigo guaranteed!

In the manner of Segundo de Chomón’s 1907 silent film entitled Kiri-kis, the second module, called “Be acrobats! ” is devoted to the technique of vertical diving, widely used in superhero and science fiction films.  While lying on the ground, visitors make different movements playing with the projected images. Their images are then straightened out, with a camera set up at a height and whose angle of view is changed. Result: like Spiderman, apprentice stuntmen defy gravity.

Lastly, go to the photocall to pose in a film set. Neophyte comedians are invited to take a picture of themselves by sliding their faces in frames with a design inspired by a film clapperboard. Everyone can then share their selfies on social networks with the hashtag #nowfilmingattheeiffeltower.

For the gourmet(s), a bar will be available, arranged with bistro tables and stage directors’ chairs.  On the menu “just like at the cinema": popcorn, sweets, ice cream, drinks ...

Plan des animations

This year, the Tower is doing her own show

Between the Eiffel Tower and the cinema, what a (beautiful) love story!  A union that has lasted 120 years. Barely risen in the Parisian sky in 1898, she charmed the Lumière brothers and Georges Méliès. Since then, the flame has never died. In order to celebrate the unbreakable bonds that unite the Iron Lady to this art, two other highlights - in addition to the event “Special effects: filming at the Tower! ” — will make the Tower vibrate.  In June, it will be a glittery atmosphere and a red carpet on the first platform. Deckchairs, palm trees, floodlights, cocktail bar, “the place to be” next summer will be the monument.  In the autumn, visitors in shorts will be in the spotlight. The Tower will present a film-and-youth component, during the October and November release of two children’s animated films in which the Iron Lady is featured.

Events from the exhibition “Special effects, crack the screen” currently on display at the City of Science and Industry.


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The Eiffel Tower is open every day from 9:30 am to 11:45 pm (9 am to 12:45 am between July 7th and August 26th)


Stairs ticket (valid to the 2nd floor): adults €10 - youths 12/24 years €5 - children 4/11 years €2.50 Lift ticket (up to the 2nd floor): adults €16 - youths 12/24 years €8  -

children 4/11 years €4

Summit ticket: adults €25  - youths 12/24 years €12.50 - children 4/11 years €6.30

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Combination ticket: adults €19 - youths 12/24 years €9.50 - children 4/11 years €4.80. Children under 4 years are guests at the Tower.


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